How to wear a Bikini for your body type?

Every girl and women need to wear the bikini in different period of their life. It has been observed in beaches and other places that girls wear the bikini which doesn’t really suit them. This is due to the fact that they don’t wear bikini according to their body shape. Commonly, there are four kinds of body shapes possessed by females. Bikinis are in fashion now days and have become a common trend. The women body shapes are measured with the help of different factors including fruits, glasses, geometry shapes etc.

The basic types of Body Shapes are:

1. Triangle shape body: this is the body shape in which the upper body part is wider as compared to the lower one, so it requires balancing.

2. Inverted triangle body shape: This is the body shape which is opposite to triangle shape body. The lower body part is bigger and wider than the upper one. This type of body shape also requires balancing.

3. Rectangular body shape: this is the body shape in which the waist line is not clear. The butts and upper side are flat, creating a boyish look. This type of body shape requires too much work for wearing bikini.

4. Hourglass body shape: this body shape is considered to be perfect and beautiful. This body has an hourglass shape, prominent waist line and highly attractive.

Best Bikini For My Body Shape

Wear a Perfect Bikini for your Body Shape

Suitable Bikini for Triangle Shape Body

Triangle body shape is the body in which the breast is thin but the lower body is wide. For such kind of body figures, Halter shaped bikinis look awesome. This will be highly helpful in adding more curves up top. It is also good to enhance the breast size by wearing bog curved shape bra.

Bikini for Triangle Shape Body

Perfect Bikini for Inverted Triangle Shape

Females who have inverted triangle body shape have to focus on the extra support on their top. Due to this reason, women with this body shape should not wear the bikini made up of thin fabric or the bra having tiny triangle tops. The women should emphasize on balancing the bikini bottoms with the bikini tops. It is important for such females that they need to enhance their butts so that a balancing figure can be attained.

Bikini for Inverted Triangle Shape

Ideal Bikini for Rectangular Body Shape

The women who possess a rectangular body shape are not considered to be beautiful or attractive. They look like body with flat breast with no waist line. Such women need to create some curves in their bodies while wearing the bikini. The curves can be created by wearing the ruffles as well as ties with feminine styles. There are different body shapers available in market which can be used under bikini for enhancing the figures and creating curves.

Ideal Bikini for Rectangular Body Shape

Suitable Bikini for Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass body shape is considered to be perfect and if you posses this body shapes then any kind of bikini will suit you. But in case of matching and mixing, you need to be very careful. Such women should focus on the most appropriate size and design of bikini rather than worrying about enhancing their body shapes.

Suitable Bikini for Hourglass Body Shape

There are some women who feel shy or don’t like to wear the bikini due to some reasons. The reason may be that there are some marks on the body like burn marks or stretched marks which they don’t want to show to others. Whatever the reason is, there is a solution for this problem i.e. women can wear one piece bikini which will cover their tummy as well as back side of body.

Women having different body shapes should not get worried about bikinis because there are different types, sizes and designs of bikinis as per their body structure.

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