Indian movies use actresses just for sexuality: UN Report

According to a UN report, India’s top films show attractive women and 35 percent of female characters in films made one significant aspect are the extent of vulgarity.

According to the report, In Indian movies sexuality scenes have to be motivated and advertise on the television and social media websites to promote the movie and get good results in box office.

Movies of women around the world to highlight the characters’ sexuality is common in women than men, more than twice as significantly sex, nude, in a bikini, complete, or semi-naked is shown, the films called them five times more often charming.

India is on the third number to wear sexy dresses for women, after Germany and Australia. 25.2 per cent of the women in the movies with the attractive show case lead India.

In India, almost 35 per cent of women with slightly pornography and nudity are shown. India on the other hand, women directors, writers and film-makers is also relatively low.

Kareena Kapoor Hot Movies Scenes

It is popular on a global scale, the United Nations women’s roles in the movies portray conduct a survey for the first time these things have come up in the report.

Sex in the media, under the title of the study in collaboration with the United Nations Institute is Gina Davis.

UN Women and the Rockefeller Foundation to become worldwide hits deep prejudices against women, poor and traditional sounds, women’s sexuality and their under-representation of the main characters mentioned.

Half the world’s population is female-driven films, the main characters, but less than a third are women. The United Kingdom and the United States are made in collaboration with the Indian movies are below.

American and British characters speaking female characters in the film are only 23.6 per cent, while the rate of 24.9 per cent in Indian films.

Britain, Brazil and South Korea women speaking roles in films has been found to represent most of these countries; however, the presence of women in movies speaking is between 35.9 to 38 per cent.

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