Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

As the designer Lawn race is started, this year Zara Shahjahan will also be making her lawn debut with Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan in collaboration with one of the leading lifestyle brands. Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan also introduces award winning actress and model Aamina Sheikh as their exclusive brand ambassador, whose style and grace captures the very essence of this Spring/Summer 2014 lawn collection. Her new lawn collection is an ode to femininity and sophistication.

Fashions Runway talks to Zara Shahjahan about her new upcoming lawn collection, her inspirations and designing. We are also in conversation with the brand ambassador of So Kamal, Amina Sheikh about the Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan and her association with So Kamal.

Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan New Collection for Women

An Exclusive Chat with Zara Shahjahan’s

Tell us about your design philosophy and process. With what styles and theme do you work most with?

My design philosophy is very simple; I make beautiful clothes for beautiful people. I don’t believe in doing just one thing so I make all kinds of clothes, from western to eastern.

From where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but I feel it’s important to follow trends and notice what going on in the fashion world.

You are going to launch your new lawn collection, Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan how your lawn will be different from others?

Lawn, as everyone thinks is not easy to design or produce. A lot of hard work and research has to be put in. My lawn, Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan is simple, beautiful and easy on the eyes.

What response you are expecting from your new launch?

Inshallah Kamal lawn by Zara Shahjahan will be a hit.

What should we expect from your latest collection and inspirations for it?

It is a surprise, you will find out at PFDC Spring/Summer 2014 fashion week.

As Aamina Sheikh is the brand ambassador of Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan and she will be representing your collection too. What would you like to say about it?

I love Aamina Sheikh and am a big fan of her TV serials. She is beautiful, elegant and has a presence about her. That’s why we wanted her to represent Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan.

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