Katrina Kaif Marriage Plan?

The news related to Bollywood glamour girl Katrina Kaif wedding are in full bloom for last few times. Some newspapers even have recently reported that Katrina Kaif will be getting married soon.

Katrina Kaif has been denied this news, she said: Some newspapers have reported about my wedding plan but it is nothing. They are just wanted to promote their news agency and publish this type of rumors about celebrities. If something happens related to my marriage, then I will be the first person who announce about it, but currently there is nothing.

Katrina Kaif Wedding Pictures

Katrina Kaif said while talking to their family reaction about these rumors: My family does not read it all. Even I do not know about this matter, but someone message me about this news.

According to Katrina Kaif, that such small thing does not matter to their lives.

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