Khaadi NGENTS Men Kurta & Shalwar Kameez 2015 Collection

Khaadi is one of the reliable and elegant brands is not only for women dresses but it is also serving the man by luxurious stylish menswear. It is one of the best brands leading the fashion house of both women and men. The stuff used is pure and fine. In the men’s collection Khaadi has launched various kurtas, shalwars, and different straight pants. Shalwar kameez suits are one of the favorite choices for the men. These shalwar suits are the traditional dresses for the men. Khaadi presents a beautiful and stylish shalwar suits which makes a man, modern looking personality.
Khaadi man collection presents well-dressed designs for men in shalwar suits. These shalwar suits are decent looking. The kurtas released by Khaadi collection has two types of length i.e. medium or long length. Both plain and printed kurtas in check or lines are also present in the collection. The collection contains kurtas with light embroidery on neck line, collar or sleeves. This embroidery adds up into the beauty of the dress. The embroidery done is very fine and perfect. Along with embroidery, fancy buttons are also stitched on the kurtas, which gives a modern fancy look.
Khaadi one of the top fashion brand introduces both casual and formal dresses in menswear. Kurtas and shalwar are made by fine and good cotton material, which gives a comfort and soothing feeling especially in summer. All these kurtas and shalwars are stitched perfectly and designed according to the new trend and fashion. All the menswear is launched in bright and dark colors that make the personality attractive. These eye-catching colors make the dress marvelous and give a decent look. The most prominent color includes blue, grey, black and white.
Khaadi has launched this menswear in a best and suitable price range. These kurtas ranges from Rs. 2500 – Rs. 3500. While the shalwar is of Rs. 1000 and the straight pants are of Rs. 1200. Online shopping can also be done with the same price tag.

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