Lady Gaga: Freak Icon or Fashion Icon?

Lady Gaga is no doubt a pop sensation but the fame she has achieved cannot be accredited to her singing skills only. She is a global phenomenon and a role model. In this article we would be discussing as to why Lady Gaga is different than all her compatriots.

The surprising fact is that most of the people don’t know about her real name which is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. What makes her unique, though her voice is unique enough is her fashion sense and her views about life and what goes around. We can see her carrying outfits that would be deemed outrageous, yet she has this wave of confidence within her that she can pull everything off. She is a role model for many, she has a staunch fan base and she has named them little monsters. Everything that she does has a sense of coolness about it which is why she is loved throughout the world. Time has listed Lady Gaga as one of the most influential figures of the decade. It is one thing to be a singing sensation but another to be considered so influential, she has done it through her work as a singer and as a philanthropist, she is not your typical super star, she is different because she seems to care while maintaining her aura.

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She is a super star, a phenomenon, a philanthropist and an activist, not shying away from telling the world what she feels, one of the more reasons why her fans are so devoted. She campaigns for the LGPT rights worldwide, openly embracing what the world considered taboo till recently. she also has no qualms about her own sexuality. She is versatile, she is outspoken, she is best at everything that she does, giving people courage to speak up, to embrace and to accept who they are regardless of what the society thinks. Humanity to her is what matters the most.

She not only has become a style statement, she has become a role model, people who were previously afraid to voice their opinions have someone to look up to, someone that they can trust and in Lady Gaga they have an ally, a leader..

Recently she has starred in a show called American horror story, the role is complex, we can only say that because the series is still airing and we cannot come to a final verdict but it is the type of role that only Lady Gaga can pull of, a glamorous vampire who stops at nothing to achieve her goal, she has been vocal about the events, bold in the way her videos were made, bold in even her life choices but she has kept her personal life secret. A perfect role model, the one who looks after her followers, or little monsters that she calls them, being there for them through participating actively in programs helping the LGPTs, helping people realizing their true self and being versatile on her own, never failing to surprise us. That is the mantra of her success and the major reason why people consider her to be their role model. She is beyond music and that is what makes her special.

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