Lake view park Islamabad

One of the characteristics that sets Islamabad apart from other towns in Pakistan is the presence of numerous parks and areas designated for picnicking. The entire city is littered with attractive parks and majestic monuments, all of which are set against the famed Margalla Hills’ luxuriant green backdrop.

These parks and monuments can be found all around the city. Lake View Park in Islamabad is only one of many parks and recreation spaces of this type that draws a significant number of tourists throughout the entire year. In point of fact, if you haven’t already had the opportunity to stop by this famous tourist attraction, you should make it a priority to do so the next time you find yourself in the nation’s capital.

The Rawal Lake bank is home to the Lake View Park complex, which features a variety of amenities such as well-kept gardens with flower beds, dining spots, boating and fishing facilities, picnic sites, and lakefront lounging areas. Other amenities include dining spots, boating and fishing facilities, picnic sites, and lakefront lounging areas.

Location of Lake View Park

The park’s ideal location close to Malpur hamlet, which is located on the Murree Road, makes it easy to access via the Srinagar Highway (formerly known as Kashmir Highway).

There are a lot of folks who don’t understand where this picnic place is exactly. Lake View Park, which is also situated on the coast of Rawal Lake, is on the opposite side of the magnificent Rawal Dam Park, also known as the Old Lake View Park. It is customary to mix the two up.

Timings of Lake View Park

At ten in the morning, Lake View Park’s gates open, and they stay open until ten in the evening. Being one of the biggest parks in the city, it is accessible every day of the week.

While at the attraction, guests can also take part in motion rides and adventure games. Additionally, due to the park’s size, visitors have the option of renting a golf cart or a passenger road train to get around Lake View Park, and the costs are not overly expensive.

It also has some of the most well-known sports clubs in the world, like Battlefield Islamabad and Ibex Club, as well as the renowned F1 TRAXX theme park. This indicates that you and your friends can go rock climbing, ride rides at an amusement park, and play paintball all at the same time.

One of the most well-liked picnic areas in Islamabad is also a great place for kids to run around, try horseback riding, go boating, ride the rides at Lake View Park, and take part in a variety of other activities.

Without a question, the weekends and school breaks are the busiest times to visit Lake View Park in Islamabad. In addition to camping, the area has a huge event space. It serves as a venue for several cultural and musical events that take place in the nation’s capital throughout the year.

Food and Drink at the Park

Additionally, there are a few additional refreshment centres scattered about the area. They provide guests the chance to enjoy some delectable cuisine while admiring the park’s modern conveniences and natural beauty.

There is a restaurant in the city named Dera that is well known for the excellence of its cuisine and attracts a sizable number of visitors every day. Additionally, the park is home to the eateries Engineer’s Spicey and Rajpoot Brothers. Additionally, the park is littered with numerous little stands that provide a range of drinks to fulfil your needs. People may also bring their own beverages when going on an outing with friends or family. The right side of Lake View Park has a well-designed barbeque area. There are about 25 sink-equipped firewood BBQ hearths in this area.

Lake View Park’s animals/wildlife

The public aviary at Lake View Park is reputed to be the third-largest aviary in the entire globe. Visitors can see peacocks, ducks, ostriches, emus, black swans, makaos, Australian parrots, various falcons, and pelicans among other animals here.

In addition to birds, there are other species that can be observed, including foxes, wild boars, jackals, porcupines, and yellow-throated martens. There are also rumours that the lake is home to fifteen different species of fish, including the Thaila, Carp fish, Mori, Doula, and Rahu.

The Park’s Maintenance

Regarding the degree of cleanliness and safety, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The Capital Development Authority is responsible for overseeing park administration. It has been painstakingly maintained as a direct result, and is completely risk-free for households with children. At the recreation centre, the CDA employs more than 230 workers. Cultivators, security guards, gardeners, and other office staff are among these employees. 121 of these people are regarded as regular employees, and the rest employees are either paid on a daily pay basis or are employed under contract. The park offers the impression of being a sanctuary right in the centre of Islamabad due to the diligent maintenance done by the CDA.

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