Latest Bridal Jewelry Sets: Necklace & Earrings

Bridal Jewelry Sets:

Every bride want to look very pretty, stunning and gorgeous on her wedding day. So most of brides seem very serious about jewelry selection at wedding. Jewelry is liked by all peoples in the globe.

Jewelry is one of the hearty wishes of bridal, and also most vital accessory for bride. In Pakistan mostly elite class peoples gifted diamond jewelry to her daughter but mostly gold jewelry is liked by brides. Now –a-days prices of diamond and gold is going to increase more and more thus for majority peoples it become complicated to afford the gold jewelry. Thus today artificial jewelry sold from different names like in Pakistan following jewelry sold widely kundan jewelry, handmade jewelry, metal jewelry, precious Sami precious stone jewelry, artificial jewelry and handmade jewelry.

Pakistani jewelry is highly charming and also easily affordable, this inexpensive jewelry 100% fulfill the bridal wear requirement. Mostly bridal jewelry includes following items:-

Mang Tika:

Mang tika is very prominent part of bridal jewelry. Brides of Different areas like different mang tika.

Bangles/ Kangans:

Bangles and kangan are very essential part of bridal jewelry. In Pakistan and India Bangles of gold is very important part of bridal jewelry.


For the perfect bridal look necklace have great significance. Both In western and eastern countries necklace is one of those costly pieces which is considers essential part of bridal attire. Because necklace passed from generation to generation thus considers as a token of legacy.

Ring (Angothi):

Not only marriage ring keeps importance but engagement ring also has its own importance.

Nath (Nose Ring):

Nose ring also very important and bride usually wear nose ring. There are many types of nose rings.

The Set:

A set consist of a necklace with matching earrings and a ring. Set are usually made of gold, diamond etc.

Latest Bridal Jewelry Sets


Earrings are considers like a catalyst. It is found that earrings just change the whole casual look to formal within seconds.

Wedding Earrings Design

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