Latest Kurta Pajama Designs Trend for Women 2015-2016

Short form of kameez is known as kurti or you can also call it kurta. Although fashion never remain same but the fashion of kurti never changes with the passage of time. In the past women use to wear kurti with patyala shalwar in rural areas but today they wear it with jeans. Today the fashion of designer kurti for women is very popular because these kurtis are stylish and beautiful. In most of the countries women wear kurti with jeans as casual dress. Basically it is the short form of kameez. Kurti has large number of designs. These designs are selected on the base of one’s taste and body type.

Mostly the cotton kurti, silk kurti, lawn kurti, khaadar kurtietc use to wear in India as a casual wear. For casual wear the cotton kurti is mostly pair with jeans. The cotton kurti may be selected with skirt, trousers, heram pants, Capri pants or simpler with dhoti pants.

New Trendy Designer Kurta Collection 2015-2016

There are different designs of kurti like neckline kurti. For purchasing of kurti the neckline design is primary factor. Neckline is near to the face therefore the design of neckline make the women to feel good and confident. Neckline Kurti with jeans usually use to wear as casual dress but now a days it is use in parties also. Sleeveless kurti not only give unique style but also give comfort to wearer.

Latest Trendy Designer Kurta Collection 2015-2016

Kurta Pajama Designs Trend for Women 2015

New Trendy Designer Kurta Collection 2015-2016

Sleeveless kurtis are of different types and styles like cape sleeves, half sleeves, short sleeve, puff sleeve, long and bell sleeve, bishop and dolman sleeve, and kimano sleeve kurti etc. bell sleeve may be on short or long kurti and they are gather at the shoulder therefore called bell sleeves kurti. Moreover some unique type of kurti are cotton kurti, designer kurti, party wear Indian kurti, a line or frock style kurti. Briefly speaking, kurties look very nice when wear.

New Trendy Designer Kurta Collection 2015-2016

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