MARIA.B. Luxury Eid Collection 2015 Embroidered Prices

Fashion industry of Pakistan is on the peak and almost every Pakistani woman wants to wear designer’s dresses on particular occasions like eid, birthday party, engagement or business meeting. Every fashion designer has his or her own image among the potential customers and they have created their repute as a result of their commitment and originality. We have found Pakistani fashion designers busy in making their Eid collection 2015 as Eid-ul-Fitr is coming in the month of June. Majority of the designers have already launched their Eid collection 2015 and many dresses are also sold out.

Name of Maria B is in the top list of best Pakistani fashion designers and her dresses are not just appreciated within Pakistan but also in foreign countries. From the past 10 days, a curiosity has been created among the females by the official facebook page of Maria B. On her facebook page, updates were released regarding the launch of Mbroidered Swarovski Eid Collection 2015. Women of Pakistan are anxiously waiting for the introduction of her Eid collection. For capturing the attention of most customers, Maria B decided to apply Swarovski elements in the form of diamontes and buttons along with the Mbroidery on her upcoming eid collection.

MARIA B Women Lawn 2015 Luxury Eid Dresses

Today, the designs of MARIA.B. Luxury Eid Collection 2015 are showcased on the facebook page of Maria B. All these suits are made with luxury fabric that will give comfort to women in this hot weather of summer. Eid collection will be available online on her official website from 24 June 2015. The date given for presenting these suits on the outlets of Maria B. and other leading outlets is 26 June 2015. Fifteen beautiful 3pc dresses are introduced and all of them are unstitched which means that ladies can tailor them as per their own liking. Fabrics used in making them are Chinese chiffon, silk and tissue. Check below here MARIA.B. Luxury Lawn Eid Collection 2015 for women.

MARIA.B. Luxury Lawn Eid Collection 2015 Prices

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