Medical Importance and Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

Chocolate is a food item that is well known all around the world because of its diversity. It comes in different forms and colors i.e. chocolate syrup, toffees and many other edible products. But the all of these forms are derived from a plant coca. The seed of such plants are crashed and made into powder from which after many industrial processes comes out to a thing which is known as chocolate. Some additional artificial flavors are added to increase the delicious taste of chocolates.

Dark chocolate is one of the most famous and common form of chocolate also known as black chocolate can be made by adding fat, milk and cocoa powder. Beside used as a sweet dish dark chocolate is also used all around the world as a medicine to cure different diseases. Some of the medical importance and health benefits of of dark chocolates are listed here:

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

9 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

1. Lowers the Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate is used to lower the blood pressure. It helps in clearing the human arteries thus making the flow of blood normal in all parts of the body. It is advised that people having the problem blood pressure must take dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate is good for heart because as mentioned earlier it reduces the blood pressure and makes the flow of blood fluent to all parts of the body .Last studies showed that people having heart diseases and consuming dark chocolates at the same tine are getting improved very efficiently.


Dark chocolate is also used to protect skin from dangerous ultraviolet radiations like UV light that can cause cancer of the skin. It can also make the skin glow and removes dark circles and wrinkles from the skin.

4. Substituent of Love

Recent studies showed that eating dark chocolate produces the same chemicals in your brain that is being produced if you are in love with someone. So , instead of falling in love with someone you can just take a bar of dark chocolate.

5. Rich source of Vitamins and Minerals

Dark Chocolate contains many minerals as well as vitamin that have a very good effect on the human body. Some Minerals include:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Chlorine
  • Vitamin B1.
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin

Thus taking a dark chocolate can make the deficiency of these minerals and vitamins vanish away and help us live a normal and healthy life.

6. Anti-Depressant

Dark chocolate contains certain chemicals that lower the stress level of human body. It can also decrease anxiety, mental pressure and tension and being used by students all around the world as well as people doing stressful jobs.

7. Good for Brain

Dark chocolate is one of the best things for brain. It has been studies that if a person takes a cup of hot dark chocolate before going to bed his brain works 7 % percent more than a person who goes to bed without taking a cup of dark chocolate . Because dark chocolate helps to make the blood flow to every part of brain possible in the most efficient away.

8. Remedy for Cough

Recent studies showed that there is no need of taking coughing syrups with many side effects because now this task can be done by dark chocolate. Yes! You heard it right coughing can be cured by dark chocolate .Dark chocolate can help us heal our sore throat and get rid of flu. It have a soothing effect that can help us get rid of coughing.

9. Natural Pain Killer

Dark chocolate can also be used as a medicine. In human body it can kill pain and have the same effect as that of a pain killer. So it’s a natural pain killer.

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