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New Pakistani movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ come in the grip of economic misery is the story of three individuals to change their circumstances, given the chaos of the city plan of insurance fraud.

One brother Shakeel (Javed Sheikh) who are to be married sister. Provident Fund retirement that could get treatment for the mother since they already have. I think they sell the flat in the old town, but their building projects under the proposed flyover is coming.

The boy is unable to meet those demands. The total income of the homemade pickles sales and rental of the room in which Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) and Moon (Mohsin Abbas) said.

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Farhan is a failed insurance agent. Shakeel’s sister Nina (Urwah Hussain) loves and wants to marry her. Moon (Mohsin Abbas Haider) marriages bajy working band left the family to go to Dubai, Karachi has come.

According to the bank to get three separate gogi Berlin: Office furniture (Salman Shahid) go to. Two times the amount on condition that he return to his original aim to circumvent the need to use heroin trafficking.

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The planned open bank accounts and obtain Berlin: Office furniture and make huge insurance. Meanwhile, the bank officer called Moon Henna Merchant (Kubra Khan) who is the moon seems to like.

The situation of the city is waiting to get the situation together with the rioters who set fire to a bank. Now, he is waiting to receive insurance money from the insurance company, rather than the officer tells them to come because they claim they can not get the money is fake.

At the same time it opens on gogi moon money was put into the doll was placed in heroin. He finds the moon Shakeel is reached home. But before the three of them to take action gogi, gogi pursuing him to have to buy heroin reaches Shakeel home.

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Gogi in there fighting and attacking her partner die. The fight scene is changing so they get a bag. When he opened it, he is full of money and jewelry. This bag has been left there, Hannah merchant.

Why and how? The answer to the cinema to see a movie in the House will surely find.

The acting, direction, reflection (Rana Kamran) and especially the location of Old Karachi film has unique attraction.

‘Na Maloom Afraad’ producer Fizza Ali Mirza (the production house film), director Nabeel Qureshi, Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Hussain Urwah and Kobra Khan’s first feature film. Thus, the television and advertising and modeling have demonstrated their abilities to succeed.

Javed Shaikh ‘ Na Maloom Afraad’ senior team are experienced in. But at the end of the movie they were all junior colleagues and team introduce not only their own self-confidence is also evidence of a gracious.
Javed Shaikh said about the film ‘Pakistan’s film industry is not about to change. Those who thought that

Pakistan can not be a good movie, the ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ after seeing’ll definitely changed my opinion.
Speaking to the media, the pearl Mirza said: “I am very happy. They like a good team and work with all their heart, and therefore I am convinced that all people are talented and they have demonstrated it.”

Nabeel Qureshi about the film’s director, said: “I am sure that once the Pakistani snymawn movie fans would be forced to turn to.”

Emotional scenes in the film are also the thrill and comedy. The film’s music is Shani and Kami and Vicky Haider and delicious.

There are nine songs including an item song in the film. Mehwish Hayat filmed Saima Iqbal sung the ‘Kiss and Billy incarnate Magnificence’ is the talk of a movie deal.

Lyari Karachi certain rhythm of this song that I can also make people vibrato. The remaining songs are capable of being popular.

Overall, unidentified, comedy and thriller film somewhat spice. In the story are a swinging couple. Dialogues are slightly sensual touch. There is a small sex scene the film does not feel the need.

Maybe that’s why the film was included in the press and media from the show, a senior correspondent on condition of anonymity remarked: ‘I can not see the movie with the family.”

Nine to ten crore budget movie will be released in Pakistan on Eid ul Azha on 60 cinemas.

Mehwish Hayat Item Song ‘Billi’

Making of Na Maloom Afraad

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