Natural Skin Whitening Formulas – Home Remedies

Skin whitening is the process of making the skin light and visible and people produces various mixtures to make the skin fair and glorious and to refine their skins. We are going to introduce the new simple combination of the different ingredients for the fairness of skin and to have a better skin tone.

This is usually the wish of everyone to have fair and glorious skin tone. Everyone likes to look different from others and to have a beautiful skin and to do so people uses various techniques and cosmetics which is not a natural way for the fair light skin tone but there are natural ways of having glowing skin.

Natural Skin Whitening Formulas

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one very useful ingredient to make the skin better and fair because lemon has many natural agents which helps to remove the marks and scars on the skin and to get the beautiful skin and charming. You just have to make the pure lemon juice and have to rub over the skin until it is totally absorbed and after the juice is absorbed go in the sun shine and then wash your face with warm water and clean it with muslin cloth.

Mixture of Coconut Oil

One another procedure is to make the mixture of coconut oil or vitamin E with the lemon juice and apply it over the face or skin then rub it as far it is absorbed and leave it over for the night and wash it with warm water in the morning it helps in whitening the skin with the natural procedure.

Sugar Scrub

Use of sugar scrub is an amazing way of making skin fair and beautiful you just have to get some pure white or brown sugar and mix some of the lemon juice and almond oil in it and then apply it on the skin or face and leave to until all the sugar is dissolved and after it is dissolved wash it with warm water and do it after one day it will help you in having fair complexion.

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One another technique is to have a half cup of warm pure milk and add a tablespoon of lemon and clean your face with the mixture as we clean our face with the cleaning milk and do it until you have used all the milk and leave it on for some time and then wash it with warm water after sometime or in the morning.

Sandalwood Paste

Another a very useful way to bright up the skin is the sandalwood paste and to do so you just have get a tablespoon of powder and mix it with rose water or milk and then mix it and apply to the skin and don’t rub it ever it is very harsh to rub and leave it over for 25 to 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water. You can also make the mask with the lemon juice and powder and apply over the damage skin parts and keep it on for the night and it will help you in removing marks in three or four days.


Egg has a good amount of sulphur, protein and vitamin D and helps to whiten the skin naturally. You have to make a mask of the white part of the egg and apply it on every third day and leave it on to have dry and then wash it with the warm water.

Light skin tone and fresh face skin can no longer remain a dream. You should simply focus on the tips discussed above to get a younger and fair complexion.

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