New Movie: Man of Steel

Man of Steel is a most recently released new Hollywood movie getting unusual coverage including cinemas, news, film industry, box office and almost everywhere in the world. This movie can be categorized to be an action, adventure, fantasy and scientific movie. It was released on June 10, 2013 in USA. The storyline of this movie is written by Warner Bros. Pictures. Zack Snyder is the director of this adorable movie. David S. Goyer has got screenplay and story writing credits along with another story writer Christopher Nolan. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon are the prominent stars participating in this movie. For watching full cast and crew, follow this link: Full Cast & Crew.

Although there is not a big gap of time between the releasing date of this move and today, even during this short period of time it has got almost more than 98,500 users over IMDB. According to IMDB, this movie has got Metascore of 55/100 along with rating of 8.1/10. This movie has been shot on several different locations. For watching complete list of all locations of this movie, click here: Filming Locations.

Man of Steel

This movie based on the story of a young boy who does not belong to this earth and is from the planet Krypton. He comes to know that he has lot of extraordinary powers and most influential capabilities in him. He started to find the reason and cause for which he was sent on Earth and also continues his struggle to find out where he came from on this Earth. Actually, the young boy was sent on Earth as a child due to excessive destruction on the planet Krypton and after coming on this Earth a couple adopted that boy somewhere in rural Kansas. A sinister devil is supposed to chase him and he has to protect himself. So, acting to be a generalist he protects himself and his house from that devil by the help of his extraordinary powers.

The budget of this movie is of worth $225 million and this movie’s box office gross is recorded to be $242,090,947. That’s how this movie is progressing and it seems to beat other top movies in box office, a wonderful and magnificently filmed movie indeed.

Man of Steel – Official Trailer

Man of Steel Trailer Official (HD) by revnewmedia

3 thoughts on “New Movie: Man of Steel”

  1. After more than 70 years in print and almost 40 on film, Superman has finally figured out how to wear his trousers over his underpants.

    I know this makes for good copy, but please do some research!

    Try the latest DC animation, New 52 comic books, or the video game, ‘Gods Amongst Us’

  2. Too many people wanted to see a modern version of the Chris Reeve films. Most of the negative comments use comparisons to the Donner films. Give it a rest! I was hoping it wasn’t a retread and thankfully a sensible portrayal of Superman arrived. Some critics need to retire.

  3. William James

    I Like this movie. According to IMDB, this movie has got Metascore of 55/100 along with rating of 8.1/10.

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