Pakistani Singer Tina Sani Ghazals, Songs & Biography

The famous Pakistani singer Tina Sani was born in Dhaka, she spent part of his childhood in Kabul. She made his name in classical and semi-classical music. Tina Sani married to Nasir Siddiqui in 1996 and has a son.

Few days before, Tina Sani talks about the five songs which have an impact on her lives. Here is the detailed highlights of Tina Sani life are presented below:-

Tina Sani told his father about it, I remember a song I used to sing with my dad, she was KL Saigal song ‘Babul Mora’, we sing it together. At one point I remember my mother, who was seated weep.

Tina Sani Father Pictures


Tina said, The next song is my joy and memories of sorrow ‘Kora Kagaz Tha Mann Mera’ which was the film Aradhana and Kabul were new and we were not allowed to watch movies, Urdu If films were allowed. It was the first film that I saw.

Tina said about the third song from the connected state of happiness or sadness, but it was not an important thing in her life. A tailor shop of his brother was waiting outside in the car so he had a different song that was a different voice. It was a voice that I knew. This song was ringing off the radio and he Nazia Hassan’s ‘Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Me Aaye to Baat Ban Jaaye’.

Nazia and I met each other along the way. When we returned from Kabul was in the sixth or seventh grade and school on the same day (Karachi American School) came. Then she heard her singing in school and when I heard this song I thought, my God, this is Nazia? I knew her.

Pakistani Singer Nazia Hussain


Another song about the Urdu language is Tina said she hit him, but she ran singing Sindhi folk singer Mai Bhaagi ‘Khari Neem Ke Neeche’. She did not understand why this song was so popular. I was singing before I make my identity. Mobin Ansari is it.

Singer Tina Sani Ghazals


More about their favorite songs and ghazals Talking Tina said: What do the name Abida Parveen enormous things.

Tina Sani with Pakistani Actors


Speaking of her fifth song, she said, the wrath of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is the one thing that he did sing ‘Koi Toh Hai Jo Nizaam Hasti Chalaa Rha He Wohee Huda Hai’. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan after Tina said, I like a lot less.

Pakistani Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Tina Sani in the era of former President Pervez Musharraf in 2003 was awarded the Medal of Excellence.

Tina Sani Award from President Musharraf


Tina not only in Pakistan but also in India, where the art was applauded former Indian President Pratibha Patil at the 2011 centennial celebrations of Faiz Ahmed Faiz an Outstanding Performance Award.

Tina Sani win Awards from Pratibha Patil


Tina Sani talent show to be held in Pakistan ‘Pakistan Idol’ participation as a guest judge.

Tina Sani Pakistan Idol Judge


Tina with her niece Nadia Hussain and Rehaam. Both are famous Pakistani models and actress.

Tina Sani with Nadia Hussain and Raheem

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