Problems in Childhood Pregnant Girls

In Pakistan, nearly 17 percent of girls are married before the age of 18. According to the UNFPA representative Robby that takes a mental toll.

The world’s other developing countries, in Pakistan, as early marriage and early adolescent motherhood is a common thing. Figure the 13% girls marry 15-year-old becomes and especially in Sindh Children marriage tradition is much common. law suit girls age 16 before could not, and now a new law awaits him up to 18 years will make the social customs of the truth of something.

Early Marriages Problems in Pakistan

The United Nations organization, the United Nations Population Fund, ‘UNFPA’s latest report, the poor countries every 20,000 such children who are 18 years of age before the mother becomes. Reports, in developed countries this rate is less than 95 percent of the world’s youngest mothers are in poor countries. associated with poverty that is very deep. poorest regions in Pakistan, it is a common practice.

According to official statistics, two million girls whose ages are in Pakistan. Pakistan Demographic Health Survey pregnancy rate among girls of this age is near half carfysd.
UNFPA’s representative in Pakistan, said Pakistan takes a mental toll Robby approximately 17 percent of girls married at age 18 already is. these women’s education stops and their health problems are compounded. them fstulh diseases like faced have and therefore the report for Pakistan so important’s.

Takes a mental toll, says Pakistan in the age of marriage law amendment is required and the provinces work on this is happening are greatly appreciated. They say that in 2010, two million girls at an early age of marriage bond And just when things were until 2030 the number of girls that will be twenty million. these girls lose their right to live a healthy life.

linked to women’s health issues, the people say A major problem in general women have access to contraception. Imtiaz Pakistan’s most senior midwife or midwife says that a large number of amazing women who want to be pregnant so soon but due to social and economic problems Their desire too many. UNFPA reports 25 per cent of women in Pakistan’s family planning too many desire. Maternity is a major Diseases says Dr Shershah Syed, a large number of cases of Thar remote rural regions are found. they say that such areas are not doctors or trained midwives, resulting in the maternal mortality rate is very high here.

Imtiaz Kamal says Pakistan is also a factor in the lack of training of midwives that women are either very young or the mother dies during delivery. Southern Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, women pregnant is the highest. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and neighboring Pakistan, Iran, in this case, all the better. Dr. Sher Shah’s poverty is directly related to the problem. they say Poverty is increasing as well as the intensity of the problem is increasing. usually parents marry their children at an early age tend to think that they’re better future for their children, they say, that any legislation or government order can prevent this situation. they say that people in the community should be aware that this behavior is wrong. formal education does not come from this awareness in people. government and media lack of awareness of the Angels and the entire responsible and say that this is a tall task which can not be over soon.

Nabila Family Planning Association of India, says that early marriage of girls lives are severely affected, he says, thus their right to life, right to education and right to health is taken away. Takes a mental toll that social problems in Pakistan are generally very low government spending. studies and public health at the state budget without raising their It is difficult to see improvement in these issues.

Legislative process in Pakistan despite all the experts agree on the fact that education and social reform can not solve this problem without.

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