Salman Khan getting married with Lulia Vantur

Bollywood famous celebrity who is still bachelor “Salman Khan” is reportedly getting married with Romanian Television anchor person Lulia Vanture according to Times of India. The sources also exposed that Salman Khan is really sincere about his ladylove and has been dating with her for almost two years and also ready to marry her soon.

Salman Khan has been with Lulia Vanture since 2011. He had kept his secret love affair away from the public eye. However, he is now open to this relationship and people who are close to him in his life knew of her existence.

Salman Khan marry with Lulia Vantur

Salman Khan has been involved previously with Bollywood actresses like Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. He has admitted in his past interviews that he is very bad boyfriend.

Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan refuses the marriage rumour. He also said:

Salman Khan meets thousands of people because of his work and travel. The girl you are talking about is a friend. It’s nothing serious. Salman’s father also confessed that “all the girls whom he [Salman] falls in love with are actors wanting to make their careers.

Whether the rumour is true or not, we wish Salman Khan the very best for his future love and wedding life!

Salman Khan and Lulia Ventur Wedding
Salman Khan seems to be spotted everywhere with Romanian actress Iulia Vantur on the sets and off the sets. The duo is seen enjoying their meal along with Sallu’s family members including sister Alvira (left).

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