How to Shave Butt Hair – 10 Steps with Pictures

People are facing different kinds of beauty problems. One of the major problems now a day is considered to be hairs on butts. This problem is faced by males and they become highly irritated due to this. Men are becoming beauty conscious and they want to look beautiful in front of their partners. There are different products available in markets which can be used for removing hairs from buttocks. On the other hand, it is also important to know that the presence of hairs make the buttocks dry and reduces the friction as well. People feel themselves neat and clean after removing the hairs.

Different companies have introduced number of products for hair removal from buttocks. Typically, people can use electric razor, manual razor, hair removing creams or gels, shaving kits or groomers etc. there are some simple steps involved in buttock hair removal process. These are as under:

Step # 1: Take Shower & Dry up

It is very important to make yourself clean and free of bacteria before shaving the butts. So you need to take shower and dry up your body. It is good to take shower with warm water because it cleans the body very well.

Step # 2: Cleaning the Razor

The instrument to be used for removing the hairs should be neat, clean and disinfect. It is not good to use the old razor but should be germs free. The blades of razor should be clean in between. The bacteria can be removed or killed from the razor by using few drops of alcohol and rubbing them. If you are using electric groomer then it can be cleaned by opening and removing stray hairs.

Clean & Disinfect Your Razor

Step # 3: Trimming the Hairs

Now you have to trim the hairs on your buttocks so that they can be easily removed with the help of razor. Small hairs can easily be shaved.

Step # 4: Applying Shaving Gel onto Hairs

Now you have to use some drops of shaving gel onto the buttock hairs. Shaving gel is applied so that hairs can be removed easily. You should cover every hair so that no difficulty can be faced.

Step # 5: Shaving the Buttocks

Now you need to shave your buttocks by dipping razor blade in cold water. Start shaving from the upper side and go towards down side. It is important to shave the hairs against the grain so that the skin irritation cannot be faced. It is recommended to stand in front of mirror for shaving. This is not a simple process and you should use styptic pen if you cut yourself.

Step # 6: Shave Between the Cheeks

It is very tough to shave between the cheeks because you can’t see at this position. You can do this with the use of mirror, set hand mirror on the floor and facing up. Then, sit on your heels on top of the hand mirror, and start shaving between cheeks. Keep continue this step until its clean properly.

Step # 7: Wash the Buttocks

Now you need to wash your buttocks with slightly warm water with soap or non-irritating body wash. This will be helpful in cleaning the buttocks and refreshing the skin.

Step # 8: Dry up your Buttocks

Now you need to dry your buttocks with a clean fabric or towel. If you use dirty fabric then this can cause bacterial growth.

Step # 9: Applying Antiseptic

Now you need to use antiseptic on the body so that no infection can happen due to usage of razor or blades. It is important to use the antiseptic before applying any other thing on the skin. It is important to keep in mind that there is a burning effect included in the antiseptic.

Step # 10: Using Body Powder

Last but not the least, it is important to use the body powder on the buttock. Body powder can keep the skin fresh as well as dry. This is helpful in reducing the itching or irritation.

You need to follow the same process for shaving the buttocks every time. You need to shave the buttocks because the hair growth is high in case of buttocks.

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