Top 4 Fat Melting Teas for Weight Loss Fast

Generally we assume tea to be a breakfast product and the one we take when we feel extremely tired in order to restore ourselves, mentally as well as physically. Some people believe that it creates an addiction and that they cannot spend a day without it, seeing at it that way it is one of the best addictions one can have as tea has multiple benefits for the body and soul.

We take tea to rejuvenate ourselves and we are generally familiar with the basic type of teas but there are a lot of types out there in the world and in the market, every place has their specialty in tea, be it areas such as Sri Lanka or Kenya. These areas are specially renowned for its tea production. What we need to know is that certain types of teas help in weight reduction when consumed and in this article we would be discussing the top fat melting teas for that have been proven to have that effect.

Weight Loss Fast with Fat Melting Teas

Weight Loss Fast with these 4 Fat Melting Teas

White Tea:

It works in three different ways within the body to speed up the fat burning process, first it blocks the formations of cells responsible for fats, while simultaneously boosting lipolysis. It is a source of catechins, a type of antioxidant responsible for breaking the fats in cells and finally it affects the liver, making it turn fat into energy, all these combined means quick weight loss.


The root, stem and fruit can be used to make tea, what this naturally occurring plant does is that it burns fat naturally, being a fat frying chemical. Consuming the plant can boost energy receptors of the cells. this process makes them absorb less fat. It can also help in developing insulin resistance.

Pu-Erh Tea:

Tested on Rats, it proved to be a success, rats that were tested by giving them this particular tea had less levels of fat in the blood as well as their body. What more interesting is that it helped in reducing the belly flab, this hasn’t been tried on humans as far but the results are promising to say the least.

Oolong Tea:

It is a traditional Chinese drink, containing high levels of antioxidants. How it works is that it speed up the body’s metabolism and also keeps the cholesterol levels in check, it is not only good for burning fat but for the heart as well. It aids in digestion so if you have problems of indigestion it is supremely efficient. Like the green Tea it also contains catechins, helping in breaking the fats in cells responsible for weight gain. The people who made it a routine to consume this tea the researches tell have lost a pound a week.

What this tells is that it is possible to cut the weight naturally by herbs and that they actually work. A lot of supplements are there in the market claiming to help aid in weight loss but most of them are counterfeiting their customers. The biggest and most important thing is to have awareness, and through this article I hope you have a solid idea that weight loss is not as difficult as you think at the start. Tea on the other hand has been proven as a miracle drink and has been used for many centuries, not many side effects have been noted so far but the benefits are immense. For a better lifestyle and health make tea a part of your daily routine. A cup a day wouldn’t do you any harm that is for sure.

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