Top 8 Nail Polish Colors & Nails Art Trends for Girls

Today we’re presenting you the most popularly trending nail polish colours as well as beautiful arts. Having beautiful nail polish of your choice is definitely your decision. As we’re revealing some hidden and much needed facts about the nail polish, you’re surely going to learn so much after going through this article. Actually the nail polish is something every girl and woman is very curious to have. And that’s also the point where the competition begins. Yes, that’s exactly where ladies start competing each other on the grounds of having the most expensive and best product as compared to other friends or relatives. This competition is really a never ending one. We’re hoping that competing with your other friends and relatives would become lot easier when you’ll go through this sweet article. This is surely a huge pack of tips for you guys.

Let’s get to it!

Trendy Nail Polish Colors

We’ll take start with mentioning the note that following are mentioned top 8 most popular and trending nail art trends for the current year. You can explore all these and choose the best and right one for you in order to add even more charm to your nails.

Top 8 Nail Polish Colors & Nails Art

1. Marsala Paint for Your Fingers and Toes

Painting your fingers as well as the toes with Marsala colour is the idea worth implementation. Now here for your information, we would like to tell you that Marsala has been supposed to be the colour of the year so far. Now-a-days, it is becoming a very popular trend among fashion and makeup artists giving a touch of marsala colour to the nail polish as till now, this is the most widely used and liked colour so far.

Marsala Paint for Fingers

2. Coral Nail Polish Colours Best for Spring & Summer

Again, Coral Nail Polish colour has also been a blockbuster of this year. It has been found that more and more ladies are start to use this particular with every passing day and its usage graph is surely mounting. Coral colours are usually ranging around pinkish, apricot, mango and peach shades. This reflects really a wide ranging versatility with high number of people using these colours. Coral colours are usually supposed to be best during spring season. So, as per these statistics, you’ve got to start using coral colours for your nail polish in order to paint your fingers and toes to make them look even more beautiful.

Coral Nail Polish Colours

3. Keep Your Nails Polished

Obviously, if you want to make your nails look even more beautiful and glowing all the time, you definitely need to keep them polished with your most favorite nail polish colour. The colours with highest priority level may be anyone which you like the most. You can try different colours at different times depending upon your wishes and desires. Keeping your nails polished at most of the time is a very good gesture for improvising the charm of your personality.

Keep Your Nails Polished

4. Bluish Shaded Nail Polish

Blue coloured nail polish has been a most trending one during previous few years, but right now it has become even more famous and its sale in stores is touching the peaks. New collections have emerged since the start of this year 2015. So many fashion experts and makeup artists are using this shade as part of their art and recommending it to their clients as well. Almost everybody is very happy all around the fashion industry by using this colour of nail polish.

Blue Shaded Nail Polish

5. Red Nails are Super-Hot

Red has always been a symbol of boldness and super-hotness. Especially during last few years, red colour was too much trending around the market. Red colour makes the winter season be more fascinating and romantic. That’s the reason we see most of the women and girls using red colour nail polish most of the time during winter season. Beyond any doubt, red colour makes them look even more hot and bold. You might have seen many celebrities having red nail polish on their nails. That truly reflects the worth and importance red colour has in makeup and fashion industry.

Bold Red Nails Ideas

6. Widely Trending Three-Tone & Two-Tone Nails

Now-a-day’s most widely trending trends of three-tone and two-tone nails has become a subject of even more importance for ladies. More and more ladies are focussing on this subject by every passing day. Actually this refers to a French-styled manicure. In this particular technique, nails are polished with different patterns and textures. Depending upon the style of paint each nail has, they are named as two-tone and three-tone trends. You can have different styles of paint on each nail of both hands. This gives an extra charm to your personality.

Three Tone and Two Tone Nails

7. Greenish Green

Now when it comes to something totally different, you can let go the super-hot red and blue colour for the mean time. This time you can switch to green colour in order to give yourself a different and unique look. When you go to a party, there would hardly be any person with green nail polish. So, when you do this, you would be a giving a totally different expression to the viewers and obviously this gesture is going to make you famous as well. Hence, selecting green colour for your next nail polish is not a bad idea.

Gorgeous Green Nails Art

8. Passionate Pink: Another Reason to Rejoice

Pink colour has always been supposed being very cute when it comes to be associated with ladies. The combination of pink and black has been one of the most remarkable combinations ever. But by the passing time, black colour got disconnected from pink. Now there’s one colour (pink) which is grabbing attention of lot of people around and they’re definitely getting attracted. So when it comes to pink colour, there’s lot of variety available which you can make your choice from. Choosing right shade from a wide ranging shades of pink colour is upto you. Make a right decision and cherish.

Pastel to Passionate Pink

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