Would You Try Selena Gomez’s Bold Red Eye-Shadow Look?

Selena Gomez, the beauty with the talent, is so much popular among people because of her hairstyles, and smoky eye makeup and eye liner ideas along with her cute innocent face. Selena tried almost every hair style started from straight mid-waist to highlights with bangs and shoulder cut forward layers. And every style looked mesmerizing on her.

Selena Gomez Eye Makeup Steps

When to talk about eye makeup than she always goes for bold eye liner looks or black smoky eyes with lighter or red shades of lip colors. Selena is going to perform in several countries in coming days and she has decided to change her eye look from smoky to RED HOT EYES and her makeup artist is traveling with her to give her the looks she wants. I hope Red eye makeup will be new hit from Selena but people trying out this at home must take precautions because red colour cosmetics may cause irritation, so you better have a trial first.

Selena Gomez Eyes Close Up

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