UK Top 5 Comedians List

Female comedians are growing in popularity, famous English comedians like Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican fans love their recent live performances.

According to the Ticket Masters reports, women comedians part is now 14 percent in the UK Box office, it was just only 2 per cent in 2000. Their popularity is rapidly growing day by day and doing good business in box office. People are hoping the great future of comedians.

In the last five years, Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican popularity has been increased considerably.

Uk Comedians Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican Pics

The most popular comedian Lee Evans is top male comedian and Miranda Hart is the top female comedian, while the most popular woman comedian Dawn French is on third number.

Read below here Britain’s most popular comedians list:

  1. Lee Evans
  2. Michael McIntyre
  3. Peter Kay
  4. John Bishop
  5. Jimmy Carr

Ticketmaster’s State of Play reports the most popular English comedians list.

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