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Yoga and its benefits are based on a special learning and physical postures. It combines breathing techniques, stretching and even different elements of meditation. There are different styles of yoga. Here you can learn how to move your body in new ways! We collected for you all that is useful in yoga exercises, both for the body or spirit.

Yoga and Flexibility

When adults or the elderly think yoga exercise, fear that asking them to extend the level of performance of exercises sporting Olympians. The truth is that he is not yet time to improve the body’s flexibility too. Many yoga postures and muscle pulls securely. They lead to the secretion of lactic acid that builds up when you are using the muscles and leads to hardening, tension, pain and fatigue.

In addition, the yoga increases the range of motion in the joints. The result is a feeling of comfort and flexibility in all parts of the body. Yoga not only frees, but all soft tissue in the body, and this also includes the ligaments and tendons that surround the muscles. Regardless of your level of sports, it is likely that you got benefits in a very short period of time. In one of the studies in this issue, participants reported a 35% improvement in flexibility after only eight weeks of yoga practice. And received back and shoulders the biggest improvement.

Yoga Exercises Benefits

Yoga and Strength

Different styles of yoga, such as “Ashtanga” or the name of the most common Power Yoga, is characterized by a variety of strength exercises. Training on these patterns will help you to improve muscle strength, but also less powerful than yoga styles, such as “Aanjar” can give the positives of strength and endurance. Exercises in a standing position, especially those that incorporate deep breathing, contribute greatly to the strengthening of the muscles of the thigh and abdominal muscles. The positions include the lower back, the dog looks at the top, and the status of the chair. When practiced correctly, they will effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Yoga and its benefits in reducing the pressure

Even trainees neophytes tend to feel less pressure and more calm after the first lesson. Yoga exercises and breathing exercises during which implemented reduce the mental noise, which causes psychological pressure. Deep breathing techniques focused thinking and awareness of breathing and thus only contribute to the relaxation. Some studies suggest that an increase in the secretion of the hormone Oxycontin. This hormone is associated with a feeling of relaxation.

Yoga to improve mood and concentration

Of scientifically difficult to prove the subject of focus, the ability to focus and even the mood among yoga practitioners. According to practitioners of yoga improved mood, in fact almost every trainee yoga will tell you that he feels happier and more satisfied about his life and satisfaction after each lesson.

Recently, researchers have begun to examine the effects of yoga on depression, a feature that may result from a mile yoga to increase oxygen levels in the brain. Yoga is also being considered as disjunctive therapy to relieve symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Yoga and its benefits for the heart

May be one of the areas that will be discussed about the benefits of yoga and behold, is its effect on heart disease. It is known for a long time that yoga helps to lower blood pressure and slow down the pace of the heartbeat. Reduce the frequency of heartbeat can benefit people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Yoga exercises have become increasingly essential in the way of rehabilitation and healing heart disease programs by maintaining a life and diet food – style programs but without surgical intervention. The bio-chemical level, studies indicate the possible existence of an anti-oxidant effect of yoga, lower cholesterol and even reduce the level of triglycerides in the body – which helps to strengthen the immune system.

That’s not all … there’s more about yoga and its benefits …

Some studies have shown that yoga positive effect on learning and memory ability. Other researchers attribute the yoga ability to slow down the aging process and improve energy levels. It is very difficult to discuss the potential impact of yoga from the scientific point of view, such as the lifting of spiritual awareness which develops the trainees. Just go to a yoga lesson and talked with the trainees, some of them will even reveal to you about an improvement in the marital relationship and relationships at work. We suggest everyone must try yoga exercises.

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