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The fashion industry now a days is getting so vast and designers are entering in the field like hundreds in a time but very few of them are lucky and hardworking enough to mark their position on top and stay on that position for forever with their exclusive outfits, very fine quality, premium colour collection and trendy designs. ZAINAB CHOTTANI is one of them. Not very old in the industry but definitely one from the best ones. She is one of the famous fashion tycoons in fashion industry and known for her elegant bridal wear, party wear and formal collection.

Zainab Chottani New Eid Collection 2016

This is Ramadan going by and everyone seems to be in hurry to buy something amazing before someone else could. And designers are in a hurry to provide people something even more amazing than before. Zainab Chottani launched her new EID collection 2016 based of Bold and soft hues of mesmerizing colours and beautiful patterns. The collection consist of embroidered unstitched lawn dresses. Each of the outfit has embroidery on the neckline, border, sleeves and some of the shirts are fully embroidered. Embroidery with digital patterns are amazing enough to look WOW.

Zainab Chottani Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2016

As the collection is unstitched so you can get them stitched according to your own variations like straight pants with long shirts, shalwar with short shirts or the newly introduced design tulip pants and knee length shirts. The collection has both combination styles like some are soft like light blue, lime yellow, lemon yellow, peachy pink and soft pink. While the bold collection is of red, black, hot pink and maroon etc.

Zainab Chottani CANDY PINK GOWN

Bringing out the beautiful face of Jacqueline Fernandez for this summer/EID collection was an amazing idea because the impact of model is extremely high in today’s fashion and people tend to follow celebrities even more than the designers themselves. So their advertising idea was cherry on top with beautiful designs.


As far as prices are concern, you can get a full set of three/four piece of Zainab Chottani Lawn 2016 suit in RS/-5,850 Pakistani Rupees. If you go for the superior suits in the collection, that will cost you about RS/- 6,350 each. This is the normal price range for almost all the designer Lawn dresses in Pakistan. So that’s really pretty good price bearing in mind the premium patterns, the label of the designer, snobbery, and finest quality of the fabric.

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