Zeen Tunic Collection Summer Lawn 2015 Catalog & Prices

Recently Zeen has launched his ready to wear and unstitched Tunic Collection for summer 2015. This collection consists of embroided shirts for all girls and women. Zeen by Cambridge latest tunic collection is a fine thread work. This year it has also launched his outstanding collection. It has gained the love and interest of his customers through Zeen Spring Summer Collection 2015, now new versatile designs and also through or various varieties of good fabrics like khaddar, cambric, cotton, linen, Swiss voile and Swiss lawn.

Have you seen Zeen Stitched Collection 2015 Volume-2? To make its new collection unique and amazing, Zeen has launched tunic collection 2015 which contains printed designs along with embroidery. In this collection, every design of shirt is different from the other design of the shirt in three aspects. Third is that the embroider work done on the dress is very fine and different designs are used in each dress, which makes it more unique among all the collection.

Zeen Latest Tunic Collection 2015 for Women

Zeen collection is a marvelous collections which consists of a collection in unstitched form or in a semi-stitched form i.e. half part of the dress is stitched and half part is unstitched. The collection contains a burst of wonderful prints and a splash of summer colors like red, orange, blue, purple etc. These colors give the collection an attractive and decent look. Zeen collection gives woman a sparkling and girlish look. The collection is filled with fresh traditional themes.

Zeen Tunic Collection Summer Lawn 2015 for Women

Thus the Zeen collection beats the heat of the summer with the soothing eyes collection of lawn. The price of the Zeen Tunic Collection is affordable for every class of girls and women. Tunic is becoming more popular among the young generation, so the Zeen Tunic collection of 2015 presents a perfect and stylish dressing for every girl.

Check below here Zeen by Cambridge Tunic Summer Lawn Collection 2015 for women, complete catalogue with price range.

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